Greetings wonderful souls and welcome to

Lads Talk Health

This community provides a safe space for one and all.

This is a place of no judgement where your voice matters and ears are open to really listen to everyone

Meditating on hillside


As a member you will be invited to an experience with us each and every day. Meditation, Breathwork and combinations.

Start each day in a positive way.

Beach Party

Group Coaching

Every week we have a group gathering online.

A breathwork session, uplifting meditation

and a community coaching call. These sessions can be very powerful.

Old Study

Self Development Resources

You will have access to some amazing videos for growth and self-development. We will share all of our favourite teachings, teachers, and work that has inspired us

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About Harry

I have been in the fitness industry since 2007, but my current journey really began when I graduated in 2019 and it became magical when I started working with people at the end of life.  


People who have been told they are going to die only speak truth. Their truth. I heard so much truth and honesty that it made me take action, to hold a mirror up to face my own truths and discover my soul.


About James

For me, the fundamental principle of coaching is the realisation that every human being can choose to be the best version of themselves.


Knowing that you are the only you that ever was, is or will be, and knowing that truth makes you unique. I will always truly listen to your story, to your soul and, at times, I’ll hold a mirror up to show you how credible you are.


The Lads Talk Health Story

Friends and colleagues since 2008, James and Harry came together to form Lads Talk Health in 2019. Originally working as Personal Trainers, the boys lives took separate paths with James working closely with cancer patients and learning the power of breathwork, whilst Harry had followed a spiritual path to soul coaching and meditation.

Lads Talk Health was born out of a desire to share their knowledge about health and healing, and ultimately truth, with a wider audience. Starting with social media presence and many many late night discussion, eventually the idea of a community was born.

Today, that community is growing and thriving. Members have daily access to meditations, a library of resources and videos, a weekly group coaching call and a members only telegram group for daily support and enlightenment.


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